Bison Spirit Plains Warrior

The painting Bison Spirit Plains Warrior is done on cold press fine art paper. The acrylic paint is golden brand and golden brand mediums. I have used the clear gloss heavy glazing and transparency technique that my acrylic paintings have been known for.The concept for this painting is to make a correlation between the Lakota plain's hunter and their interconnectedness to the Bison. I have been using the Bison Spirit imagery since I was in undergraduate student in Santa Fe NM.

The painting has my familiar composition of the green grassy hill. This represents serval connections to the land for the Lakota, but a on its own, the hill is often associated with searching for the self spiritually. And that is the perspective that is behind me using the hill or hills in my work. 

In this work the shield is painted in a spiritual way to the warrior on the horse. It depicts a spiritual statement with the red center protects him from the hailstorms of existing and how the lighting extruding to the flicker feathers. The red willow spear to the design of the horse mask, all hold a teaching itself as does every other aspect this bison spirit is adorned with. 

 Purchase this original painting here: Bison Spirit Plains Warrior

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